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1990 Honda CB1 (cb400f)

A quick jaunt on my 1990 Honda CB1 (CB400f) using my Go Pro Hero 2. The bike has no mods other than a Kerker pipe, and a non-original shade of blue.

- 400cc Inline 4, liquid cooled.
ALVARO SALGADO : Motos de verdad!! Sonidos que ahora ya no hay .
Leandro Torres : paso tres cambios en una cuadra...que pedazo de pelotudo
Pete P. : My first bike, identical to the one in the vid with the Kerker exhaust, i took it on the autobahn in Germany, its still alive somewhere in eastern Europe. Absolutely my fav of all time.
Ali Tariq : the most beautiful sounding 400cc motor ever built
Paul Demir : This Guy cant drive
360 Tv : How to remove the seat of this bike?
karl kelley : such a great bike!
Fred Flintstone : I'm looking at getting a CB-1 myself, and searching youtube videos I notice this one, and I can swear I know where that church is. Its on Forks Rd. in Wainfleet. :) I'm in Welland
Dennizzz119 : Man, you ruined the video by not letting us hear that sweet engine wail
malletmonkey1 : best 400 ever made..

Z Review - Status Audio CB-1

CB1's STILL HERE!! [http://amzn.to/2eHtv8f]

Status Cables [http://amzn.to/2fuh9iN]

Sound Demo

Wallpaper : http://i.imgur.com/RjAXbQQ.jpg

My Reddit Recommendations Guides [http://www.reddit.com/r/zeos]
Join The Patreon [https://goo.gl/Vx3HsK]
Yes, I have a twitter [https://twitter.com/Zeospantera]
Pallamby : They’re $60 on Amazon currently, might pass these up for the m40x with the zmfs because of longevity
Itss Lemon : I got two cables with mine the swirly one and the regular straight cable
Casey Roy : I can confirm they are amazing
Bill Killernic : I bought them a while back (actually when that review came out ) they are ok not amazing (I would put them close to m50xs ), but the build quality is bad... they broke within a month (everything is thin plastic including the adjustable stems) the good news is that the company send me new ones once I send them pictures with my broken ones, I never used the new ones but I am pretty sure they would brake as well instead I used the the broken ones (they cracked on a higher setting so I pushed it in so that the crack would be inside ) then a few months after that the other stem cracked as well.. used the same trick.. then the pads cut off one at a time long story short within a year of somewhat frequent use but not 24/7 (not even close) they became a trainwreck lol....

They need 2 things to avoid that bad quality... 1) use some cheap metal for the stems
2) use removable pads (cause the pads are like fixed which means that if they stretch by friction or something they will slowly crat since only a thin plastic leatherlike layer is holding them in position)

They come with two cables btw like the m50xs
Albus Dumbledore : Throwing the f-word around a thousand times coz he's got nothing cooler to say... Smh
AbusementPark : What an energetic review picking these up tomorrow
Kevin hamlett : Try one odio studio pro 50. They sound great and are cheap. The ear pads twist on. Easy to remove and replace for modding. I opened all holes on back of the d4iver and added some poly fill. It helped the sound and made them have better bass response. It helped smooth out the sound. Just be careful don't destroy the dricver be careful.
BoneBag Mel : Just got them as my first "high quality audio headphones" coming from the gaming headset Cougar Phontum (which sound great and are super comfortable)

The Status Audio CB-1 sound great, however (as of today) they feel a bit too light (weight) and not as tight as I'd like. Granted my head is kind of skinny so consider it.

If you head is kind of skinny / slim, you might need to maybe get bigger pads or use a beanie (as I do) to make it a tighter fit.

And they sound great also. haven't tried them with an DAC-AMP but I'm Looking forward to it.
Garrett Howard : Just copped em for $45
Stjames221 : If you buy this with the intention of using this for more than a year, you are making a great mistake.

2000 HONDA CB-1 400cc TEST RIDE




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