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Elenis HV 3800 5 axes Marble CNC cutting with disc

HV 3800 Stone CNC manufactured by ELENIS Automatic Marble Machines, featuring Heidenhain controller, KMT high pressure water pump, IGEMS CAD/CAM Software, visit our webpage: http://www.elenis-marblemachines.gr/ , follow us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/JtNiz3 , contact us: elenis@marblemachines.gr


5 axes CNC MARBLE MACHINE, Model HV 3800, made by Elenis Marble Machines, visit our website http://www.elenis-marblemachines.gr/
and follow us on facebook https://goo.gl/9RrDPB

Shocked By Homemade 3,000 Volt Taser| High Voltage Science

In this video I show you how to make a 3,000 volt taser from a fly zapper. Once I remove the high voltage generator I teach a little bit about dielectric breakdown and why pointy surfaces can breakdown air easier than curved surfaces. I only get shocked a few times throughout the process! I show you the plasma that forms and also talk about what a plasma actually is. Then at the end I make my taser and even shock myself with it. Then I show it shocking an apple in order to spare my arm. By the end of it I was shocked 3-4 times and my whole body hurt!

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Satkar Syangtan : Michael Reeves: Amateur
this vid was for me thanks
Bruce Howard : So how could I modify this to make it LESS of a shock? I want to use this to teach about how electricity can harm you and I want people to shock themselves but not too badly.
KamorAnime : a stun gun is more than 10,000 volts and thats 3,000 volts not a stun gun just a electric shock toy
FAIR CZ : 3000 V thats low for teazer im using 400 000 V
spinthefastest :

Robert Pattinson : Too weak,not a steady current
Priyarup Biswas : Make a 400000 V taser.........
JeepinBoon : Bah! I commonly light up neon, argon, and xenon tubes as well as fluorescent lights in hand with a 15kv NST. 30ma and I’m still standing.
NicoTheChico : I got electrocuted by a wall plug, it didn’t hurt, it tingles, y does it seem like urs hurts more?




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