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The EAS in action is a take Apart Adjustable Emitter that attaches to 1/4" poly distribution drip tubing.

Cheesy_X_ : EAS is a brand that makes hoses (EAS Change Systems). The other EAS is the Emergency Alert System. This is a hose made by EAS Change systems if that clears anything up.
gavin Redden : Clickbait
Chaotic 5 Generation : Get watered
InklingExploiter : Haha get emitter'd
2Pixelated : I agree
Rosie Marquez : This is not even a Emergency Alert System BORING
petermine gta 5 : Uhh
Trainguy #28 : WTF IS THIS!?
Cayleigh Watson : where am i
tyler kidd : what

Emergency Alert System (EAS) as Fast As Possible

The Emergency Alert System (EAS), designed to warn people about weather hazards and other civil emergencies, is a fixture on American TV and radio. How does it work, and what's up with that creepy automated voice, anyway?

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Мини Блять : Me:Ah I will pray Asar first

My phone:Alert! Earthquake alert!
Me:Meh I'll keep praying
Stealth Splish : Before they used old school Microsoft Sam but now they use Neospeech Paul Text To Speech
Minako Aino : cypresshill
Cool Audric : He predicted COVID-19
tags NOLA : Once the voice part starts, the lengthy yadda yadda burns up valuable time. In a fictional video "Final Moments" about a nuclear attack on the US, a teenage boy at home alone sits in front the TV as the robot announcement goes on and on about this message being part of the EAS and if you're not in this station's service area, go to a station that is in your service area and this interruption is made so station you're tuned to can participate in the EAS & this announcement is at request of the Whitehouse and we will have an announcement by a representative of the President who is being moved to a safe location and on an on with endless drivel... The kid in the video is clearly frustrated as he gestures his exasperation at having to wait for the stupid formatted robotic announcement to finally get to the point about what the hell the emergency is all about. When minutes count, the lengthy announcement burns up an inordinate amount of time. Would that cell phone providers were set up to text EAS announcements to subscribers. Sprint does this with Amber alerts and some weather alerts. Not sure if they would warn us if we're about to get nuked. Not that it would make much difference to me one way or another. I live in Houston so if we get into a general thermonuclear exchange of warheads, I doubt I'd experience much apart from the flash of light before I was vaporized.
Wolf Dog’s Vlogs : The voice for the EAS sounds like some sorta meme voice.
Maritza Villanueva : I wonder if a eas gets killed by a penigun
Chicago And Milwaukee Spotting : I don't know about you but the old voice kind of sounds like the voice of bonzi buddy...
Toppat Clan Leader : Impending Pandemic
Uhhhhhh about that.......
Alex B : Can’t they pre record voices one press a button for witch one

[EAS] 8:17: A Real-Time Nuclear Attack Simulation

The sequel to my Nuclear Attack video is finally here! This is a lot more cinematic than the last one, and has a solid story line, which I may go into greater detail on if requested. I personally think this is my best work to date, and will hopefully match, if not surpass, my other nuke scenario in popularity!

Also, I would like to thank you all for nearly 40,000 views on my other nuclear attack video, and for almost 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!! I simply can not describe how important this is to me, and you guys made it happen. Thank you, and feel free to comment, like, and subscribe for more!
EASsirenVids 01 : Greetings Dr. Falken.
DeadSkullable : Guy: Everybody must leave their pets.
Me: (Holds pets tightly) How dare you sir!
DeadSkullable : I know this is only a test for a nuclear war by which of course it's never going to happen but c'mon. Why do people want nuclear war so badly, they are drastically more dumber than ever.
Sans Undertale : “Leave all pets”
So the nuke has asked for...
A bad time?
youcanttunafish : Watch the movie "Testament" from the 80's. I'll never forget that fucking scary movie! It's very realistic, about a nuclear attack on the U.S.
Carbohighstakes : I thought this was scary up until I saw Contingency
Uriel Martinez : I could use this for preparedness drilling.
Sam Odom : Damn, struck a cord with me.
rye : I am australian, why is this recommended to me??

Jeff B : Gee. It sounds like Jarrod Kushner!!




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