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Review: LG SJ2 2.1 Soundbar - Great Budget Sound!

I picked up this soundbar for just £60 in the Prime Day deals on Amazon, here's why I fully recommend this soundbar...

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The equipment I use:

► Panasonic GH5:

► Panasonic G7:

► Samyang 12mm 2.0 Lens:

► Rode Video Mic Pro:

► Blue Yeti USB Condenser Mic:


► My PC Rig:
▪ NZXT H440 2015 White:
▪ Asus Maximus Ranger V2:
▪ EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750w:
▪ Nvidia GTX 980 Reference:
▪ Corsair H80i:
▪ Kingston Hyper X Ram:
▪ Corsair Force LS 120GB SSD:
▪ WD 1TB Blue Drive:
▪ Roccat Kone XTD mouse:
▪ BenQ GW2765HT LED IPS 27 IPS:
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What did you guys think of the soundbar?
BlinkOne TrafficLightFan [Traffic Light Mix Maker] : I really love the soundbar with subwoofer!
60 Old Fart : just another dumb review with no sound demo.. this review must be for people who did not pass third grade...
Boris Bozhankov : Hi Jack. Can I hook this system to Samsung via audio optical?
Gaby Najera : Is the subwoofer compatable with a different sound bar
Pabs : This was an incredibly good review. Thanks a lot!
King of The Dead : I jus got this today
Henry Stevens : Highest Volume level is far lower than my Samsung smart tv speakers, Geez. Optical connection. Plus no display of voluume you pointed out. I Am returning it for refund. Thanks
SuperNakedTv : Just got this on sale for 99$ and i just installed it, it was great and honestly wish it was slightly louder but its loud enough for my room, my room is like 15x12 and probs 13 feet tall. Fills the whole room and bass is very nice, the soundbar itself sucks without the bass thing but once bass box turns on its a party. Really enjoy it, i suggest getting something with more watts if your having it in your livingroom like 200 or more watts. But for me this thing is loud love the bluetooth as well pairs right up and came with all cables and optical. Time will tell how long it lasts but its 10x louder than my t.v for 100$ you won't regret it guaranteed.
Hermie104 : Thanks for the review. I'm thinking of buying one of these, this is the best review of the SJ2 on YouTube. Thanks again.

LG SJ2 Soundbar with 2.1 Channel 160 W Speaker Set unboxing

Multi-channel sound - Two speaker drives are placed within the bar to deliver a high quality sound output. Enjoy a rich audio experience which brings to life all of your favourite entertainment.
Wireless subwoofer - Free your living room from wires. LG's active wireless subwoofer allows you to enjoy superb sound quality without compromising on design.
Cinematic Sound - Tweeter and woofer components housed in a single speaker unit produce powerful and clear cinematic sound. Surround yourself in sound and be immersed by this high quality Soundbar.
Mold grill design - A well manufactured and robust mold grill stylishly fits the front of this Soundbar.
Bluetooth soundbar - This soundbar is engineered with innovative audio codec's to enable seamless connection from bluetooth enabled devices, connect wirelessly to your LG TV, music services and more.
Hades 75 : Du hättest dir mal ne Scheere oder nen Messer vorher besorgen sollen
Rangel Angelov : Bahti idiota
Jeffrey Alvarez : you need cutter bro. the subwoofer is small.
Саня Привидение : Теперь я знаю как открывать коробку
Олег Иванов : что за тупые обзоры "как достал из коробки" зашибись!в обзоре должно быть как он звучит!!! долбанько
Daniele Leocata : Non fai altro che sbattere le cose x terra
Daniele Leocata : Dammi retta non sei capace, e hai il coraggio di fare dei video, dammi retta lascia perdere che fai più bella figura
EVGENIOS Esm : Давайте скинемся пацану на новый нож или ножницы
ItsYoBoyBruns : The worst review I ever saw bro you should focus the camera and at least watch the fucking video before posting it
pixelfm : dude you need to plug in the sub too.. that's 1 con for wireless subs in soundbar: too many plugs.

LG Sj2 SOUNDBAR (Hangprojektor)



Punch Deck -Coalescence
Download Free:


Csatornák száma 2.1

RMS teljesítmény 160 W
Front hangfal teljesítménye 60 W
Subwoofer teljesítmény 100 W

Digitális audió bemenet (Optikai)

Szélesség 660 mm
Magasság 55 mm
Mélység 99 mm
Tömeg 1700 g

További tulajdonságok:
Dolby Digital
Number of channels 2.1

RMS power 160 W
Front speaker power 60 W
Subwoofer power 100 W

Digital Audio Input (Optical)

Width 660 mm
Height 55 mm
Depth 99 mm
Weight 1700 g

Additional features:
Dolby Digital
Remote control
Anzahl der Kanäle 2.1

Effektivleistung 160 W.
Frontlautsprecherleistung 60 W.
Subwoofer Leistung 100 W.

Digitaler Audioeingang (optisch)

Breite 660 mm
Höhe 55 mm
Tiefe 99 mm
Gewicht 1700 g

Zusätzliche Funktionen:
Dolby Digital
Количество каналов 2.1

Среднеквадратичная мощность 160 Вт
Мощность фронтального динамика 60 Вт
Мощность сабвуфера 100 Вт

Цифровой аудиовход (оптический)

Ширина 660 мм
Высота 55 мм
Глубина 99 мм
Вес 1700 г

Дополнительные функции:
Dolby Digital
дистанционное управление
Liczba kanałów 2.1

Moc RMS 160 W.
Moc głośnika przedniego 60 W.
Moc subwoofera 100 W.

Cyfrowe wejście audio (optyczne)

Szerokość 660 mm
Wysokość 55 mm
Głębokość 99 mm
Waga 1700 g

Dodatkowe funkcje:
Dolby Digital
zdalne sterowanie
Število kanalov 2.1

RMS moč 160 W
Moč sprednjega zvočnika 60 W
Moč nizkotonskega zvočnika 100 W

Digitalni avdio vhod (optični)

Širina 660 mm
Višina 55 mm
Globina 99 mm
Teža 1700 g

Dodatne funkcije:
Dolby Digital
daljinski upravljalnik
endre Dömény Endre : Egy olyan kérdésem lenne, hogy a hátul lévő USB csatlakozón a soundbar fel tud-e dolgozni bejövő jelet? Vagy ott csak pendriveról lehet zenét lejátszani?




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