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prod. by Ouhboy x Johnny Good


Luciano Instagram

Mix \u0026 Master by Yunus 'KINGSIZE' Cimen


styling \u0026 art direction by Luciano \u0026 Dahlia Ibrahim
directed by PLUG
director Jakub Rzucidlo
creative director Tatjana Wenig
producer Dahlia Ibrahim, Tatjana Wenig, Jakub Rzucidlo
location production Rebecca David
DOP Ali Akgül
1.AC David Garbi, Ian Fearnley
lightning design Georg Steffens
thermal camera David Garbi
setdesign Georgios Angelidis, Dahlia Ibrahim, Vincent Toitot
edit \u0026 grading Jakub Rzucidlo
title \u0026 graphic design Makko100

thermal/infrared equipment and consulting Frank Zahorszki, ITEMA GmbH

special thanks to Luciano \u0026 Javier de la Fuente, Freie Tankstelle Bernau, Jessika Mebes, Sebastian Weise, Super Car Bartels, René Osko, Karolina Halat, MMAATTCCHH \u0026 Ronni „the Flex“ Prinz, Studio Eyecandy \u0026 Juliette, Ilona Leopold, Zuzu \u0026 all the beautiful people of Berlin and Munich

fittings by Maison Margiela, Maximilianstraße 34, 80539 München

Intégrale 6 à la maison - 23 novembre 2020

Intégrale 6 à la maison - 23 novembre 2020
Djaïli Amadou Amal, Denis Podalydès, Pierre Lescure, François Hollande, Alex Beaupain
Artistes, humoristes, intellectuels, acteurs de l'actualité : chaque soir, quatre invités se réunissent autour d'Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine et Patrick Cohen pour proposer aux téléspectateurs une émission à la fois sérieuse et légère autour de la culture et de l'actualité, dans une ambiance chaleureuse et moderne.

La Maison - Gabin

"La Maison" - single Their debut album - Gabin (2002)
Gabin is an Italian nu jazz band featuring Massimo Bottini and Filippo Clary.
Their name is a reference to the most popular French actor of the '30s and '40s -- Jean Gabin, a classic world-weary screen antihero.
The group Gabin has managed to combine many different musical genres: jazz, funk and acid jazz with electronics, jazz and Latin-chillauat, soul and blues, ethnic and trans, adding into the mix of genres and tones of classical instrumental music.

Those who have been in this beautiful city, do not forget it ever ... :-)
Our home is where we are loved and where we are waiting!
Video - By car on mountain roads in the Alps




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