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how to build a geiger counter / radiation detector from household materials

READ THIS DESCRIPTION for background information, i.e. how this device works at all (see links below)!\r
ps: technically, this is NOT a geiger counter. a geiger counter is a special type of ion chamber that runs on very high voltages. the device demonstrated in this video is just a very simple ion chamber.\r
more videos about how ion chambers and radiation detectors in general work:\r
geiger mueller counter (a special type of ion chamber):\r
scintillation counter (not an ion chamber):\r
radioactive decay modes; alpha and beta radiation:\r
radioactive decay modes; gamma radiation:\r
Graeme Lastname : What you really need is a circuit diagram.
flying fox : NPN Darlington the collector should be connected to the positive if I am right.
james bullock : I was wondering about the table cloth and its emf value in the meter reading. Looks synthetic and myself I would have an earthly ground loop to cancel out AC effects of emf ect. But your the teacher here. Very good video, thanks
KrisRaps : funny how thes eytb videos always put something in as a sample that doenst do nothign and then they say that its doing nothing because its wrong ray. ha ha ha
Jim Larsen : I used to make people detectors using chains of darlington transistors. People walking past would trip a buzzer. Good to know when the boss is coming. Appears that you are converting particles to electrons.
appr oved : basicly the 2 wire isolated on each side ! induce electricity via the can ( false signal )
appr oved : how do i know because nicholas tesla discovered it . he patented the dam thing ! any wire even isolate will induce ! the only way to prevent induction from the battery is to airgap . so what you measure is the induction from the battery .
appr oved : wired like you did against the can you ll get false signal
flying fox : Good video... But little doubt about connecting collector of the NPN Darlington to the negetive terminal of the battery.
Ege Ayvala : your cameras white balance changed when you were close to the radiation wow...

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alovi : It is not the same kind of radiation ionizing and electromagnetic. No comparison in the same chart.
Supreme Marshal Noisy’s : What happen if you bring this in the Chernobyl Reactor 4 When It’s just explode???
Kenny Lee Jackson : 0:46
Gabriel Martinez : I want to test radiation in neighborhoods around my city, which one is best for that?

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EMF Safe Zones \u0026 Avoidance Zones
EF safe zone: 0-1 V/m (volts per meter), Avoid areas greater than 50 V/m
MF ideal safe zone: 0-0.5 mG (milliGauss), bedrooms 0-0.1 mG, Avoid areas greater than 2.5 mG
RF ideal safe zone: 0-1 μW/m2 (microWatts per meter squared) or 0-0.001 mW/m2 (milliWatts per meter squared), Avoid areas greater than 10 mW/m2 or 10,0000 μW/m2

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This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:

BigBenEco NotMyJob! : As much as I am saddened by the confusion about EMF danger (I'm an electrical engineer, I've had professors laugh their heads off to these kinds of videos), I must say I was really surprised with the quality of the video :D, a lot more talk than product review which I found surprising.
Travis James : Do these meters max out so that you can tell you that you are being hit by 5G, or do they simply not measure it and therefore have no use for protection from 5G. I don't mind if they can't accurately measure it, but I would like to know if they will warn me that I need to move because 5G is hitting me and I was unaware, but if none of these give you an alarm because they don't measure it then they are no use for that purpose.
GrerLab : Educational video ... I could not imagine the influence of EMF on health ... I will do some investigations inside the house to be safe ... Thank you for this great generosity ... I appreciated this video...
Downstars : Youtube has been taken over by Corona yellow. Why should i get a meter while i am a EMF sensor myself? Only that people will believe me if i show them a number on a machine? Now we are switching to 5G we all need a meter that soon will be useless? What kind of UN propaganda have i just watched?
francesco prossen : hi. thanks for the video.. but if the range is 8 ghz for frequency the meter can read v/m from all frequency or is strictly connected to frequency.. thanks.. than meter who goes to 40 -60 ghz are about 3000 - 5000 euro
Søren fivePSixE : Came across the Cornet ED88TPlus recently and decided to do a teardown (S/N 1903002559).
You were quite positive in the video, but I'll fix that for you right here: As an experienced RF and Antenna designer (>25y) I'm divided between calling it a well played scam or naive application note design, maybe a bit of both... Truth is, besides the embarrassing poor build quality, the unit can not in any way be trusted for its absolute measurements. I repeat: Not.In.Any.Way.

Here's a hint: do some measurements at different frequencies and different signal levels. Now calculate the ratio between the measured power level (convert dBm to Watts first) and the corresponding power density (W/m2). You will find that the ratio is the same (around 580) for all measurements. That is also the case for the power level conversion label on the back side of the unit. The only way this can be true, is, if they designed active antenna- and frequency compensation before the detector circuit.
They didn't and in fact the antenna is a simple dipole, not a broadband antenna.
If you bought this instrument to provide valid measurement inputs to the ongoing EMF debate, I suggest you return it immediately for a full refund.
I you want to scan for bugs (because you are a Spy) or ghost hunting is your thing (because apparently they emit EMF as well :-)), fine, then you don't need the absolute measurements, just the relative values at increasing/decreasing distances, homing in on the source.
I'm currently doing a writeup on my teardown, I will publish it on the EEVBlog forum one of these days, look under the section 'Dodgy Technology'
Jose Carlos Ponce : thank you so much!!!! this is so needed

Love & light!
Mark Allen Snow : I found this to be one of the most helpful and informative videos on the topic. Thank you for making it.. Subscribed.
Glenn Germain : Thank you for this video. I just ordered a GQ390 thanks to you
Sam Ferrell : What do you think about this new meter by ENV RD-10? I've seen some article recommend this model and would be interested in seeing you review it.





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