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2011 BMW 328i convertible - Owner's Review

I review my BMW 328i convertible. What are the goods and not so good points. Is this the best hard top convertible on the market. German engineed and built, BMW 328i is the Driver's car.
Nunya Business : I'm casually looking for a retractable hardtop convertible. Thanks for the review. You mentioned the Volvo C70 and VW Eos, but you didn't mention the Lexus SC430 (2002-2010), IS250c and IS350c (2009 - 2015). Mazda also made a few retractable hardtop miatas in the NC and ND series. And the Infinity G37 and Q60 also had a few convertibles. Even at 10 to 15 years old these retractable hardtop convertibles still command a premium price. It's not uncommon to see a used lexus SC430 still cost over 20,000 dollars, but it is definitely a luxury cruiser rather than a sports car.
Disneygirl714 : The official color of your car can be found on a sticker attached to the underside of the hood. :- ) It's also listed in the owner's manual. (I have this same car)

My new dream car- BMW 328i convertible

I just bought this nice 2008 BMW 328i convertible car... off course it has all the options included a NAV- GPS, in which I will be installing a DVD player and Digital TV to be integrated in the dashboard screen and controlled by the iDrive button and strering wheel buttons.\r
I found 2 companies that sales the Multimedia interface to adapt the NAV to other video inputs like video in, rear view camera, SD card, etc\r
Does anyone recomend any website for me to look for a good Multimedia interface , DVD player and TV?\r
I love this car. I hope to keep this car for 4 or 5 years...
Rupsingh Gurjar : Rrd
FaTe Bmw4life3351 : This is my Mom’s car!!
safari ramzi : Formidable
kyle pickett : 328, a dream car. Wtf kinda sad dream? Dream better
Thomas Posch : Why do i watch this in 2020? XD
albert arun : https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=74&v=-WICr0a1WAs
BMW Convertible

Thanks for this video. Do checkout mine aswell.
Tray S : I just bought an 2010 BMW 328i convertible I love it all white cram interior❤️ thanks bmw best car ever
S K : wow.. you made me happy too
Zain ikram warriach : MashaAllah
anthony smith : I have a 08' 328 convertible but don't seen to be able to get the roof to open & close with the key fob, do I need a special upgrade package for it to work?

2009 BMW 328i Convertible Review and Test Drive by Bill - Auto Europa Naples

Pavel P : Really enjoyed this review. Usually don’t have the patience to sit through these but with your sudden yet potent sense of humor I was able to get through it and learn a lot. Thank you
Tien Trinh : There’s one on craigslist for $5000 with a small oil leak. How much is that?
Chance Pride : Will you have any of these coming in soon looking to buy one
Barry White : Late to the game on this. But douche nozzles, drugs and guns, Canadians..... love the commentary
Jhoran Laffin : This guy is hilarious
Tien Trinh : Convertible too. Light blue
Raymond Duenas :
Crystallyzer t : Ur weapons or ur drugs.. LOL
Aziz HACHIMI : Bill...always complaining about the dogs, the birds, the mosquitos,.....his colleagues,....LOL
David Warlick : Early BMW advertising does show a single-engine plane with BMW over the plane. The current logo repeats that propeller image.




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