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Lake - Lake (1976)

Full album

Side One

"On the Run" 0:00
"Sorry to Say" 4:10
"Time Bomb" (J. Hopkins-Harrison, Geoffrey Peacey)
"Chasing Colours" 10:35
"Do I Love You" 14:25

Side Two

"Key to the Rhyme" 18:32
"Jesus Came Down" 23:08
"Between the Lines" (D. Petersen, J. Hopkins-Harrison, G. Peacey, Alex Conti, Martin Tiefensee, Dieter Ahrendt) 26:58

Martin Tiefensee - bass guitar
James Hopkins-Harrison - lead and backup vocals
Alex Conti - guitar and vocals
Dieter Ahrendt - drums and percussion
Geoffrey Peacey - keyboards, vocals, and guitar
Detlef Petersen - keyboards and vocals

Produced by Detlef Petersen, except Time Bomb, produced by Geoffrey Peacey and James Hopkins-Harrison
String arrangements by Peter Hecht
Mixed at Peer Studios (Hamburg) by Geoffrey Peacey and Detlef Petersen
Engineered by Jerry Boys, except Time Bomb by Geoffrey Peacey, and Jesus Came Down by Volker Heintzen
Cover illustration by James McMullan
Design by Paula Scher

LP: Columbia Records PC 34763
Jordan Hopkins : Thanks very much for the upload! James Hopkins Harrison was my great uncle so it is great to see the music is still is very much enjoyed! Thanks again
Mark Wood : Wore this album out back then, nice to give it a listen again some 40 years later.
Terracraft : Nice
David Cajka : Growing up, I and my 2 brothers slept in one bedroom. They are about 3 years older than me. Every album they bought and played on their record player, I would hear too - and I am so glad I did. To this very day, I am still listening to songs, like these from Lake and many others. A big thanks to my 2 brothers ...
Jo Baecker : Grossly underrated. They could have had hit after hit in the US. I'd like to hear the backstory (possibly self-sabotage) from this group. Too bad several key members have passed.
Kathy Russo : Oh wow... loved this album back in the 70's.... I can't believe I stumbled upon this on YouTube. We jammed to this back then.
Kathy Shriver : Thank you so much for posting this! I never knew anyone even had this vinyl album except me! LOL

I love this album! Jesus came down is probably my favorite. What would Jesus say with the violence, killings, shootings, protests that are nothing more than an excuse to riot and loot! I'm sure He wouldn't be happy! I pray for peace and love to spread throughout America, and the world. If Jesus came down today would you be ready? I know I would be! Wonderful song.... So appropriate for today! Love this album! ✝️. John 3 vs. 16. Who wants to spend eternity with Jesus?
Donald McLachlan : my old time stand by road trip music ,,, still is
Hugh Rechner : The first time I heard the album, I was blown away! Like everyone has said. horribly underrated. These vocals would be unbelievably hard to duplicate live. They did back up some huge acts, however. Heard this in Yellowknife, Canada in 76, I was driving home and Time Bomb just popped into my head here in Orlando Florida. Listening to the whole album, and LOVE it still! Totally agree with you, Claire.
FullMoonGamer : Underrated group that had so much quality. Lake is a gem that needs to be shared with others. Tell your friends and family about them. Music is to be shared....!

Taylor Swift - the lakes (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “the lakes” – off her album ‘folklore.’
Album available here:

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#TaylorSwift #thelakes #folklore

Music video by Taylor Swift performing the lakes (Lyric Video). © 2020 Taylor Swift
Kelly dowell : Ok
10,000 subscribers with 0 videos? : I pray who ever reads this becomes successful
Jose Avila : I love my sister number one music woman you thank my life
Julieann Tomlin : Taylor I love your songs
Karin Detsch : 929279, 537354, 88884, 282828
SpicyMelon : the blank space is the best i love itttt
Sakshi Agrawal : When she said those hunter with cellphones ! she must have been through a lot of shit because of media and its heartbreakin!!!!
S A G A R : Taylor swift in not just The MUSIC she is an ERA. I wish this ERA never end.
NeoMatten : I'm a 33 year old man, and really listening and taking in all of these songs keeps making me cry.
TEE NO : our noses be bleeding out here

My "Best Of... Lake" Compilation

I do not own the songs or the picture in this compilation
01_Hopeless Love 00:00
02_Into the Night 04:02
03_On the Run 09:12
04_Highway 216 13:17
05_Welcome to the West 16:56
06_Time Bomb 22:06
07_Angel in Disguise 25:23
Crystal Eyes 29:51
Do I Love You 33:51
Jesus Came Down 37:55
Key to the Rhyme 41:38
Letters of Love 46:13
Lost by the Wayside 49:54
Love's a Jailor 54:20
Paradise Way 58:51
Red Lake 01:03:46
Scoobie Doobies 01:08:45
See them Glow 01:16:32
The Final Curtain 01:21:32
CRAIG LONG : Awesome Band, this takes me back!
Thank you for putting this on YouTube.
Ulrich Hertwig : Sie hätten Weltruhm erreichen kö einem guten Manager !!!!!!!
AMP : This is real music!
masquenada 75 : Danke an meine älteren Geschwister, dass ich mit dieser Musik aufgewachsen bin...als Jahrgang 75 wäre wohldiese unglaublich geile Band an mir vorbei gegangen. .. super Auswahl
Benoit Vanhees : Nice job in catching the essence, the spirit and the general mood of this great band !
Denise SEVIER-FRIES : April 2020: so many memories with Do I Love You (33:51) LAKE should have made it t SO much bigger....
P. Kuschminder : Hello together , while I'm hearing ... best greatings from Peter in Germany ... thanks for this compilation !

It was my really first concert together with Chi Coltrane in 1978 after they had released their 2nd LP "Red Lake"
And i remember that their 1st LP prized with the best at its time from the german phone academy. I was together
with others pupils to learn the usual dance steps. But in 1977 we only wanted to hear On the run and Black
Betty --- meanwhile - for each of them , doesnn't matter if they are still played in mainsstream - radios
[public or radio] -they were their greatest hits up to now.
Therefore I can join to Daniel's comment. Maybe it is comparable with Deep Purple: Two Egos are crushing
against each other ...
Ich habe die erste LP als CD in der 2.Pressung sowie die Lake-Live*-DoLP als CD ... Trotzdem hab ich mich sehr über diesen Upload gefreut ! LG, Peter

*ohne es wissen , bin ich am 24.12.84 zum Leidwesen meiner Mutter abends zu meiner Clique gefahren.
Und ne Süsse hatte auch Gäste eingeladen, die das schon zietierte Live -Do-Album .mitbrachten .
Nach einigen Hefe-Weizen haben wir alle auf den Tischen getanzt. Meine Mutter war am nächsten Tag sauer,
aber ich bereue nichts ... ;-) It's a pitty that this band doesn't exist outside my heart + soul anymore
Voix Musifan : Es war eine Wahnsins-Band! Kaum zu glauben, dass sie aus Deutschland stammt. Es ist so schade, dass Jim Hopkins-Harrison nicht mehr lebt. Ein Revival mit ihm wäre DER HAMMER gewesen.
Fakt 4you : ,,Between The Lines,, for me too!
baileyride : Love me some Lake Music, I follow the current lineup. Has anyone listened to Blast of Silence or Wings of Freedom?




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