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LianTronics Glasses-free 3D “Star Trek” LED Screen in Chengdu Has Been Trending in China’s Twitter

#LianTronics giant curved LED wall with stunning glasses-less 3D spaceship display effect has attracted millions of eyeballs on the street of Chengdu and blown up on social media including Top 5 trending topics in Sina Weibo --- China’s Twitter during the Chinese National Day holiday.

The 913 sqm, LianTronics L-shaped, curved video wall in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, has gone viral on social media, as it appears to show a 3D Star-Trek-like spaceship breaking out from the screen.

This case has also been reported by AV magazine: https://www.avinteractive.com/news/digital-signage/chinas-hottest-3d-led-screen-in-chengdu-goes-viral-13-10-2020/

To learn more about the case, please visit https://www.liantronics.com/news_view-1008.html

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Don Burroni : I see texture stretching

LG MAGNIT, Our First Micro LED Display

As vast and vivid as your own imagination. Whether for work or play, reach your full potential with the brand-new #LG MAGNIT.

#LGCommercialDisplay #LGInformationDisplay #LGMAGNIT #Launch #MicroLEDDisplay
Edi Son : Simply awesome
Shinoj Kizhakeakeloth :
Raghav Patel : Cool. save this technology from Chinese companies.

Huge LED screen turns the Salesforce lobby into a cinema

The Salesforce office in San Francisco has one of the most amazing lobby designs you’ll ever see and that’s all due to a huge LED screen that’s 12’7’’ high and 106’5’’ wide. It’s the longest continuous 4mm LED screen in the US and was made by Obscura Digital. It’s like there’s a huge mural that comes to life completely transforming the lobby and making it stunning on so many levels…
Furlock Furli : First they fuck nature, then they enslave it, then they destroy it... and in the end, the need to reproduce it on screens, because they have become nothing.
jinfeng liu : Hi,bro,Can you tell me,how can buy this vedio
B R : WOW they've brought the power and majesty of nature indoors!!! This is incredible! We need this tech EVERY WHERE; think of how uplifting and beautiful this could make ANY building!




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